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October 2022 Bug Box (Black Widow)

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Did you miss the Latrodectus hesperus black widow-themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring:

  • Adult female (bottom view) pin
  • Male & spiderling pin set
  • Female (top view) sticker
  • Adult & spiderlings sticker sheet
  • Glow in the dark female patch
  • Magnetic fact card
  • Bookmark
  • Female stamping kit

This little spider has a fearsome reputation! Western widows are hungry from the start, and spiderlings will eat their siblings if resources are scarce. The widow's messy-looking cobweb looks disorganized, but its strength, stickiness, and design are ideal for entangling insects. With their potent venom, widows can quickly dispatch prey.

Despite their notorious reputation, females rarely kill and eat males after copulation; however, they're willing to eat males they reject. The act of successfully mating often fatally damages males, after which the female will take advantage of a free meal.

After mating, a female lays about 200 eggs inside a sac. She guards it against even large predators like mice, by shooting sticky silk at their faces - or with a deadly bite.

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