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The Coffee Club

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Mornings are now a bit brighter for coffee fanatics who love our pins.

Each package of our locally roasted, whole bean coffee comes with an original mystery enamel pin inside, designed especially to make you smile. A new pin is offered every calendar month.

All our blends are freshly roasted in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Whether you take your cup and your pins on the road, or just enjoy them at the kitchen table while you daydream, we're on a quest to bring you the very best brew for all your adventures, big and small.

Our House Blend is a 50-50 mixture of Brazillian and Columbian beans, sourced from a small group of family farms. With notes of orange zest, molasses, almond, and chocolate, this smooth blend is an instant crowd-pleaser.

Our Decaf is a 100% Columbian medium roast that lets you savor the flavor while keeping your day balanced. 

Each 12 oz whole bean roast + pin can be purchased singly, or subscribe to save and keep your cup full.

Coffee Club by The Roving House
The Coffee Club Sale price$36.52