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Ladybug Coaster Set

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A darling set of three enamel coasters to brighten up tea time. Each coaster measures three inches wide.

Shiny silver nickel with soft enamel and epoxy. Your coaster set comes tucked inside our keepsake jewelry box.

These colorful beetles have long been a cheerful sight to gardeners and farmers, since they devour pests almost non-stop during their lives. Although ladybugs may seem slow and defenseless, their bright colors warn would-be predators that they taste awful. Birds and most other animals stay clear as the beetles hunt relentlessly for aphids.

Once a common sighting in North America, the nine-spotted ladybug is now rarely seen, perhaps displaced by habitat changes or the arrival of invasive competitors.

Citizen scientists like you can help track and support this species at - and by leaving aphids on some of your yard plants, to provide them with a welcoming banquet.

Three ladybug-patterned enamel coasters on top of an opened black jewelry box.
Ladybug Coaster Set Sale price$50.20