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January 2024 Bug Box (Indian Domino Roach)

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Did you miss the Therea petiveriana-themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring:

  • Adult female pin
  • Adult female iron-on patch
  • Young & older nymph pin set
  • Adult male sticker sheet
  • Male, female, and Six-spot Ground Beetle (Anthia sexguttata) sticker sheet
  • Adult female stamping kit
  • Magnetic fact card

Common on the scrub forest floor in southern India, these roaches pose no threat to human homes. As detritivores, they eat decaying matter amongst the leaf litter and help return nutrients to the soil. Individuals use pheromones to communicate with others in their colony. After mating, females reject other male advances until after they lay their ootheca (egg cases). These insects are long-lived, and nymphs can take two years to reach adulthood and gain their iconic spots.

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    January 2024 Bug Box (Indian Domino Roach) by The Roving House
    January 2024 Bug Box (Indian Domino Roach) Sale price$89.79