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Death's Head Hawkmoth Iron-on Patch

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This large, striking moth has been the subject of many myths and superstitions over the ages throughout its range in much of Africa and southern Europe. One British legend tells that the first moths arrived during the beheading of King Charles I in 1649. In reality, they probably arrived with their favorite host plant, the potato, in the previous century.

While nightshades like potatoes are the most common food for larvae, adults have a “sweet tooth” for a much more dangerous treat: honey. Using chemical, color, and sound camouflage, this moth can waltz right into honeybee hives and suck up all the sweet nectar it can get. Most honeybees never notice the intruder, but even if they do, the moth’s waxy cuticle protects it from stings.

Life-sized at 5" across, this patch makes a stunning statement on your jacket, vest, tote, or other cloth item in need of embellishment. Iron on HIGH.