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December 2023 Bug Box (Christmas Beetles)

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Did you miss the Anoplognathus-themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring:

  • Anoplognathus punctulatus “Green Christmas Beetle” pin
  • Anoplognathus prasinus “Granny Smith Beetle” iron-on patch
  • Anoplognathus porosus “Washerwoman” pin (rosy morph or LE golden morph)
  • Anoplognathuspunctulatus sticker
  • Anoplognathus parvulus “Small Christmas Beetle” ornament/pendant
  • Select species sticker sheet
  • Magnetic fact card

This genus of scarab beetle contains at least 36 described species in a dazzling array of colors. Almost all are unique to Australia.

After spending their larval stage underground eating grass roots, adults emerge in the southern hemisphere’s summer to feed on eucalyptus leaves. Their appearance has long been synonymous with the December holidays.

Christmas Beetles were once so numerous that huge tree branches were said to bend from their sheer mass. Due to habitat loss in a rapidly changing world, these beautiful insects are dwindling in number.

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    December 2023 Bug Box (Christmas Beetles) by The Roving House
    December 2023 Bug Box (Christmas Beetles) Sale price$89.79