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August 2021 Bug Box (Nine-spotted Ladybug)

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Did you miss the ladybeetle-themed Bug Box? A few more Coccinella novemnotata Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring two enamel pins, a vinyl sticker sheet, an iron-on patch, a magnetic fact card, and a set of three enamel coasters. 

These colorful beetles have long been a cheerful sight to gardeners and farmers, since they devour pests almost non-stop during their lives. Although ladybugs may seem slow and defenseless, their bright colors warn would-be predators that they taste awful. Birds and most other animals stay clear as the beetles hunt relentlessly for aphids.

Once a common sighting in North America, the nine-spotted ladybug is now rarely seen, perhaps displaced by habitat changes or the arrival of invasive competitors.

Citizen scientists like you can help track and support this species at - and by leaving aphids on some of your yard plants, to provide them with a welcoming banquet.

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