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Sabertooth Longhorn Beetle Patch

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Macrodontia cervicornis is best known for its impressive size and fearsome-looking mandibles; the longest known specimen measured 17.7 cm (almost 7 inches).

Despite its ferocious appearance and name, this beetle is not a predator. Eggs are usually laid under the bark of rotting wood. After hatching, they fall to the ground and burrow into the earth, where they spend the next 10 years as grubs. Adulthood lasts only a few months, during which the "sabertooth" mandibles are used for territorial and mating displays.

This embroidered male beetle design is available as a 3-inch small patch or a 6.5-inch life-sized patch. Iron on HIGH.

Originally from the May 2023 Bug Box. 

Sabertooth Longhorn Beetle Patch by The Roving House
Sabertooth Longhorn Beetle Patch Sale price$7.00