A monthly delight for collectors. A pure rush for treasure seekers.

The Gold Club is our easiest way to create your own unique, matching collection that looks as stunning on your wardrobe as it does on your board.

Receive a limited, numbered edition pin every month when you sign up. Each month features a different collection of mystery pins - you never quite know what you'll unwrap.

Join Gold and receive treasures in the mail every month.

A free Welcome Kit upon joining: snail logo jewelry gloves for handling your pins, a snail logo iron-on patch, a sticker featuring a past or present Gold specialty design, all in an organic cotton satchel.

10x a year: a monthly mystery whiteout or blackout gold-plated enamel pin.

2x a year (months 2, 6, and every 6 months thereafter): an exclusive "Gold specialty" full-color pin. (Scroll down for lists and pictures of our current specialties.)

Roving House Gold Club

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Join up and receive a limited, numbered edition pin every month. 

    * You may sign up for multiple Gold subscriptions per month, however, there is a limit of 2 specialty pins per person per year. If you subscribe to multiple Gold instances, you will get more blackout/whiteout pins instead of biannual specialty pins.

    ** Some of our monthly designs and specialty pins are adult-oriented. Please indicate in the order notes if you would like only family-friendly pins.

      Current Gold Specialty Pins

      Twice a year, Gold members receive exclusive full-color pins. See what club members are getting right now.

      All specialty pins are limited edition and change as they sell out.

      2 month specialty pin


      A shy little nymph playing coyly with her hair, as a hard enamel pin with dainty copper metal lines.

      6 month specialty pin


      Sweet little Emma is a special hard enamel snail pin just for Gold members, with a delightful shimmering effect.

      12 month specialty pin


      Our glow-in-the-dark moth fairy stretches her legs and shows off her Leopard Moth wings. Soft enamel + epoxy.

      18 month specialty pin

      Winter Wonder

      This beautiful 3" piece features a glittering sky and snowscape to keep you dreaming of mountain adventures.

      2 year specialty pin

      The Bugler

      The wandering jam band's newest member. The Bugler will charm you with his puffy cheeks and accompanying musical note filler pins.

      30 month specialty pin

      Queen Dana

      This monarch will rule your collection. Soft enamel + epoxy with glow in the dark all over.

      3 years and every 6 months thereafter


      For members who have reached the "mountaintop" of 3 years or more, we offer a pin inspired by myth and legend. Each pin variation only lasts 6 months or until sold out, whichever comes first, to ensure you don't get duplicates.

      Our current Mountaintop pin is Mara the selkie, a hard enamel pin featuring a classic Irish redhead, pearlescent blue waters, and glittering green seaweed.

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      2 Reviews
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