A little adventure starts here.

Celebrate the beauty and charm of our little fellow Earthlings, with The Bug Box.

Every month, a package featuring a new insect, arachnid, or another little crawly critter will arrive at your door to brighten your day.

December’s Box: Christmas Beetles

Choose Your Adventure

The Basic box contains a soft enamel pin, vinyl sticker sheet, iron-on patch, bookmark, and magnetic fact card.

The Deluxe box contains everything from the Basic box, plus an additional pin, sticker, and mystery item.

Pin only gives you the month's basic bug pin and bookmark in our standard mailer.

Whichever you choose, you'll find delight in our wearable, collectible "art that goes somewhere". Expand your collection, or add our pieces to your wardrobe or bag for an irresistable pop of color and style.

The Bug Box

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Shipping & Billing Info

  • This is a subscription box. Your card will be charged monthly, on the date you signed up. 
  • We ship boxes in batches, several times a month. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for shipping. International orders take longer.
  • You may manage your subscription or cancel at any time via your store profile.
October 2023 Bug Box (Marbled Orbweaver) by The Roving House
September 2023 Bug Box (African Death's-head Hawkmoth) by The Roving House
Sold Out
August 2023 Bug Box (Oblong-winged Katydid) by The Roving House
July 2023 Bug Box (Spanish Moon Moth) by The Roving House
Sold Out
June 2023 Bug Box (Blue Death Feigning Beetle) by The Roving House
May 2023 Bug Box (Sabertooth Longhorn Beetle) by The Roving House
April 2023 Bug Box (Carolina Mantis) by The Roving House
Sold Out
March 2023 Bug Box (Rusty Patch Bumble Bee) by The Roving House
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28 Reviews
| 7 answered questions