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Mourning Cloak Butterfly Enamel Pin

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Found throughout the northern hemisphere, this butterfly favors mountainous habitats but is known to migrate and occasionally appear in the southern United States and even Japan. Although it does not breed in the British Isles, its appearances in the summer and autumn have given it two more common names, “Camberwell Beauty” and “Grand Surprise”. In its northern European range, most names translate roughly to “mourning cloak”, after the dark petticoat typically worn by a grieving woman - perhaps with the hem of a yellow dress peeking out below. Males and females have the same markings.

Soft enamel + epoxy, double-posted, silver metal. Measures 2 inches wide. Originally from our November 2023 Bug Box.

Mourning Cloak Butterfly Pin by The Roving House
Mourning Cloak Butterfly Enamel Pin Sale price$15.00