Luna Moth & Moon Enamel Pin Set (Series 1)

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Sold out. Look for an updated redesign in hard enamel in January 2023!

One of our most beloved and popular designs. Actias luna and the moon both glow brightly in the dark. We love to wear this set on a shirt or jacket collar - it always receives compliments.

The luna moth is a large, North American silk moth of the family Saturniidae. Their bright colors and strikingly large size make them as beloved as butterflies to most people. The real-life moth's wingspan is usually 3 to 4 inches, but can be up to 7 inches wide!

Fortunately for those who love wearing our pins on jackets, hats, and Ita bags, our moth and moon pin set is much smaller. The moth pin measures 1.6" wide x 1.5" tall, and the moon has a diameter of 1.25".

Soft enamel pins are connected on a silver-colored chain. The green moth features a gold-plated outline.

Unnumbered "infinity" edition. 

3 Reviews
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