May 2021 Bug Box (White Lined Sphinx Moth)

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Did you miss the Hyles lineata-themed Bug Box? Grab one of our extras, featuring two enamel pins, a vinyl sticker, a patch, a magnetic fact card, and a rose gold insulated tumbler.

At first glance, it looks like a hovering hummingbird sipping nectar - but this is an insect with a remarkable three-inch wingspan. This adaptable species thrives in many different habitats, and can be nocturnal or diurnal.

Before it transforms into a colorful pollinator, the voracious larva spends its time eating and growing.

Caterpillars come in many different morphs of green and black with bright markings. Like many other “hornworms”, green morphs glow in ultraviolet light; a blacklight can reveal them munching away on their host plants.

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    One bag to rule them all

    Take your collection on the road

    A black canvas Ita tote displaying enamel pins. The tote is big enough to hold vinyl records, a jacket, or a change of clothes.

    The Roving House

    The Rover Ita Pin Tote Bag

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