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June 2021 Bug Box (Periodical Cicada)

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What have you been up to for the last 17 years? If you were a periodical cicada, you’d have been living underground, quietly sucking the juices of tree roots, safe and cozy in your burrow.

After 17 years in the dark, the nymphs emerge from the earth, shed their exoskeletons, and transform into bright, winged adults.

They create a chorus that can reach 100 decibels, but the show won’t last long - they mate, lay eggs in tree bark slits, and die within a few weeks.

The new hatchlings fall to the earth and dig their own homes, where they wait 17 long years for their time in the sun.

Did you miss the cicada-themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring two enamel pins, a vinyl sticker sheet, an iron-on glowing patch, a magnetic fact card, and a steel garden stake.

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