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Gruss vom Krampus T-shirt

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"The holiday devil" is the mischievous companion of St. Nicolas in Alpine folklore. While good St. Nick delivers presents to the good children, Krampus chases the bad ones with bundles of sticks and coal. Once an obscure figure, Krampus has found an audience around the world in recent years - perhaps in part to those of us who wish Halloween would never end.

Krampus's night of arrival, Krampusnacht, historically takes place on December 5. As Krampus's worldwide popularity grows, however, you might see him pop in festivities or pop culture any time in December, all the way up until Christmas.

The artwork on this shirt has been lovingly restored from a greeting card from the 1900s (artist unknown). The caption reads "Greetings from Krampus", so you can spread a bit of holiday cheer and mayhem wherever you go.

Screen printed on a super soft, 100% cotton unisex shirt.

A red unisex t-shirt featuring artwork from an antique Krampus greeting card. Krampus chases a child with a bundle of sticks. The words read "Gruss vom Krampus!"
Gruss vom Krampus T-shirt Sale price$23.00