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February 2023 Bug Box (Spotted Lanternfly)

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Did you miss the Lycorma delicatula-themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring:

  • Adult female pin
  • Adult female patch
  • Nymphs on stem pin
  • Adults & nymphs sticker sheet
  • Adult female vinyl sticker
  • Lanternfly spotter scarf
  • Magnetic fact card

This unique-looking planthopper has been accidentally introduced to the United States, Japan, and South Korea from China. With no natural predators in its new territories, it has spread rapidly in just a few years and caused extensive damage to food crops and gardens. Its expansion has been helped by pre-existing introduced populations of its preferred host plant, the much-maligned and ironically-named Tree of Heaven.

As global trade increases, invasive species are creating challenges for farmers and native wildlife alike. The health and diversity of our ecosystems will depend on how we push back against invasive species - or whether we can only bring them into balance and learn to live with them.

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    February 2023 Bug Box (Spotted Lanternfly) by The Roving House
    February 2023 Bug Box (Spotted Lanternfly) Sale price$59.00