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Fairy & Mushrooms Pin - Limited Editions

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Week 5 of our Full Cupboard Challenge - collect all 7 limited edition pins and get a free Traveling Bard tote.

Live your best little life with a smaller, more wearable version of our highly desirable 2022 design. This pin measures approximately 2.5" tall and features soft enamel.

Variant details:

  • Trippy - by the coloring contest winner, artist Kristopher Hao. vivid rainbow colors, glitter wings, black dye metal. Limited edition of 33. 
  • Nightshade - deep blacks and purples with glitter wings and mushroom details. Black nickel metal. Limited edition of 33.
  • Ano opal - anodized metal, all-white and translucent rainbow glitter fill. Limited edition of 33.
  • Silvertongue - Shiny silver metal, all solid black fill. Limited edition of 33.

This is a pre-order. Pins are estimated to ship April-May 2023.

Drop date: Friday, February 10 @ noon ET.

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