August 2023 Bug Box (Oblong-winged Katydid)

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Though common in the forests, fields, and thickets of eastern North America, this large insect is an excellent leaf mimic and hard to spot. Its loud nighttime call ("zeee-tik!"), which it makes by rubbing its wings together, might be the only way you know it’s around. While the majority of wild oblong-winged katydids are bright green, on rare occasions, they are known to be hot pink, yellow, tan, or orange.

Each August deluxe box contains:
  • Male green Katydid pin
  • Pink female iron-on patch
  • Color morphs sticker sheet
  • Female Katydid pin (green, pink, or yellow morph)
  • Green female sticker
  • Fact magnet
  • Vintage Katydid art tote
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