September 2022 Bug Box (Eastern Lubber)

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Did you miss the Romalea microptera themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring:

  • Hopper nymph pin
  • Adult male deluxe pin
  • Adult male yellow morph patch
  • Adult male orange morph vinyl sticker
  • Adults & nymphs sticker sheet
  • Magnetic fact card
  • Bookmark
  • Little lubber field notebook

This stunning Eastern Lubber (Romalea microptera) is one of North America’s largest grasshoppers; adults reach sizes of 1.7 - 2.7 inches (45 - 70 mm).

Eastern lubber nymphs (young) are mostly black with yellow and red markings. They tend to congregate together. As they age and molt, their colors change. Their habit of traveling and eating together can cause quick damage to crops; the lubber is not beloved by most farmers and gardeners.

Despite its destructive tendencies, the lubber is admired for its beauty. Mature adults display an extraordinary variety of shades and patterns, with colors as bright as autumn foliage or almost solid black.

The name “lubber” comes from an old English word meaning “clumsy”. Indeed, this heavy, flightless grasshopper can barely hop. Instead, it has evolved incredible defenses: if threatened, it spreads its wings, hisses, and sprays toxins. Lubbers are so unpleasant and unpalatable that they have few predators; only a handful of parasites and the Loggerhead Shrike ("Butcher bird") can make a meal of this grasshopper. As a result, lubbers spend most of their days eating without being bothered.

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