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The Roving House


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Rover the Snail Mini Pin by The Roving House, featuring a hobo or runaway snail with a bindle exploring garlic flowers alongside a bumblebee.

We make art that goes somewhere.

A little adventure starts here.

Stylish pins + sweet magnetic backs

It's not just a pin... it's a little adventure.

Since the first brooches were rocked in the Stone Age, humankind has never found a better way to wear a little flair. A pin tells the world where you've been, what you like, and who you are - all in whatever style you feel like today.

We fell in love with pins for the way they unlock a memory, spark a conversation, or bring a smile when worn or shared. Now, we're all about helping you express yourself and explore your world.

Inspired by nature, legend, and adventure, our pins, patches, and wearable art pieces are designed to accompany you anywhere - whether you're backpacking cross-country or daydreaming at the desk.

Cicada Pin - Blackout by The Roving House

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