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November 2023 Bug Box (Mourning Cloak)

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Did you miss the Nymphalis antiopa-themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring:

  • Mourning Cloak butterfly pin
  • Butterfly iron-on patch
  • Top & side view butterfly sticker sheet
  • Magnetic fact card
  • Chrysalis pin
  • "Grand Surprise" greeting cards

This unique butterfly is found throughout the northern hemisphere, thanks to its long lifespan and adaptability. Eggs are laid on host plants in the spring, and the brightly colored larvae are called “spiny elm caterpillars” although they aren’t limited to elm trees. Pupae resembled spiny dried-up leaves and camouflage well.

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    November 2023 Bug Box (Mourning Cloak) by The Roving House
    November 2023 Bug Box (Mourning Cloak) Sale price$82.41