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Nocturnal Dung Beetle Patch

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The Nocturnal Dung Beetle makes the most of a common resource few others want! All dung beetles survive on the juices of animal feces. Some, like Scarabaeus satyrus, roll up balls and stash them in protective burrows. Females also lay their eggs on carefully stored balls, providing food for their young until they emerge from the burrow as adults.

But it’s a tough world out there, and even this insect has competitors - including other kinds of dung beetles (and even rivals of the same species), so S. satyrus has evolved some amazing adaptations to avoid drama. It becomes active at sunset when rival species are ending their day. After collecting fresh dung, it climbs its ball and spins around to survey the sky. Using the moon, polarized light, and even the Milky Way, it can navigate in an almost straight line back to its home burrow.

Measures 3" tall. Embroidered fabric with metallic gold thread. Ready to apply to your jacket, tote, jeans, or other tightly woven fabrics. Iron on HIGH for beauty that lasts.