Cattleheart Butterfly Caterpillar-inspired Scarf

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Parides photinus spends its larval (caterpillar) stage eating as a full-time job. It only consumes Pelican Flowers (which smell like dirty feet to us), from which it acquires foul-tasting toxins. With their striking white and red spikes, caterpillars warn would-be predators that they aren’t an easy meal - and any bird foolish enough to try is bound to feel sick and sorry.

Drawing inspiration from the cattleheart's striking colors and spikes, John Ford designed a modern, unisex fashion scarf to make you feel as cozy as a chrysalis. 

100% acrylic, double sided, and featuring a subtle snail logo. Originally from our March 2022 Bug Box and limited to 75 pieces. 

Measurements: 7.5" wide by 64" long (not including tassels).

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One bag to rule them all

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A black canvas Ita tote displaying enamel pins. The tote is big enough to hold vinyl records, a jacket, or a change of clothes.

The Roving House

The Rover Ita Pin Tote Bag

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