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April 2022 Bug Box (Fijian Farmer Ant)

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Did you miss the Philidris nagasau themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring:

  • Ant and plant pin
  • Ant and flower pin
  • Ant and sprout patch
  • Worker ants sticker sheet
  • Metallic ant and seed vinyl sticker
  • Magnetic fact card
  • Worker ants stamping kit 

The Fijian farmer ant looks unremarkable, but it has an extraordinary partnership with several species of plants, which it has domesticated to meet its own needs.

Worker ants place Squamellaria seeds high up in the crevices of tree bark and fertilize them with their own bodily waste. The seedlings sprout into strange, alien-looking growths with round, swollen bases. These odd structures are domatia: homes for ants. Inside are all the tunnels and comforts a growing colony could want.

After the plant flowers, it provides another reward for its keepers - sweet nectar stores that only the ants can reach. In return, the tiny farmers defend the plant and ensure that the next generation of seeds is cultivated with care.

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